On any day of the year, you will always find people in Poetto. You go there for jogging, for skating, biking or even for a quiet walk, perhaps at sunset, the most beautiful time. The Poetto beach stretches for kilometers from the “Margine Rosso” area, in the town of Quartu Sant’Elena, to the tourist port of “Marina Piccola”, near by the fascinating Devil’s Saddle.

If you spend the holidays in the area around it is a great choice if you don’t want to go too far. The Poetto promenade is full of kiosks, ice-cream shop, restaurants open from morning to night, where there is live music, disco music and dancing. For children there is a playground “Cavalluccio Marino” can have fun with many games.



The small and famous beach of Punta Molentis, Villasimius, is a jewel that you cannot miss visiting. It owes its name to su molenti, or the donkey, which in the past was used as a means of transporting the material extracted from the granite quarries that surround the bay.

Punta Molentis is a small peninsula with a water rich in shades of blue and green, a very white sand and a low and sandy bottom, surrounded by granite rocks and green trees and guarded by a nuraghe on the hill.



The rock of Pan di Zucchero is located in Masua in the south western part of Sardinia. it is about 90 kilometers from Villa Flumini, but it is worth it because it is a beautiful area. The Pan di Zucchero rock is a large limestone rock that rises from the sea not far from the coast, it’s one of the largest natural monuments on the island. It’s 133 meters high and is the highest in the Mediterranean area. It is a postcard, difficult to describe, it is easier to go and see it live!


Tuerredda beach is one of the most famous in the southern Sardinia area, it’s super photographed and admired, you will be enchanted by the whiteness of the beach and the colors of the waters, which has reflections ranging from dark blue to light blue. From Villa Flumini it takes about an hour to get there and from the last stretch of road you take to get there you can start enjoying a breathtaking view and you can’t wait to take a dip.


A perfect name for this wonderful beach which is located a short distance from Villa Flumini: it’s one of those you meet along the road to go to Villasimius: it’s Mari Pintau, “the painted sea”. A sea in which brush strokes of light blue and blue alternate as if they came out of a painter’s palette.